How to Handle Adverts for Facebook Ads Marketing

If there is one internet marketing fad that will be hot this year, then it will be the use of Facebook as a marketing tool.This social networking site is already hot since this is the choice of half a billion people, but there is another aspect where this site can realize its potential. And this is in the form of internet marketing called Facebook ads marketing. And at the rate things are going this site will even eclipse Google AdWords. This is saying a lot of course, but there is basis for saying this thing.So why do we say that Facebook and marketing on its site is way better than Google? Well, it all lies on the user-friendliness of the social networking website. Another reason is that Facebook will allow for a more accurate way of targeting your next set of audience for your campaigns.With these things in mind, is it nice to dip your fingers on this marketing tool? We know you want it too, but before you plunge into this new advertising platform you may want to know the best strategies on how to design and to handle Facebook advertisements. We list below some of the suggestions when handling Facebook advertisements for use in Facebook ads marketing.• When starting this campaign for the first time, make sure that you replace and edit your advertisements on a regular basis. This is necessary so that the internet users will not get bored with the ads. Make all your advertisements fresh in the eyes of Facebook users. By doing this you increase the chances of success for your advertisements.• Consider organizing your target groups and the campaigns by using the high and low affinity.• Advertisements should be made more appealing and livelier with the use of images. The ads will be more compelling if images and good looking pictures are added to the advertisements.• Don’t just stop on the pictures and the images when designing and creating the advertisements for the site. It is also important that you focus on the content of the ads. Make sure that you write a good copy rich in excellent testimonials and call for action.• Don’t just rely on one set of ads for your Facebook marketing campaign. It is always recommended to test a number of ads for your campaign. This is helpful so that you can easily cancel out the advertisements that don’t work and you can continue the ones that click.• Don’t over use the ads for a long period of time. At a certain point make sure that the ad should be stopped and activated on a later time.And more importantly, in the designing of Facebook ads make sure that you put in mind what the Facebook users will feel and say when they see the advertisements. Will they like the ad, or will they be disappointed? If you think that the ad will be off, and then time to cancel it and find another one for use in your Facebook ads marketing.

5 Tips For Effective Advertising of Facebook Pages

Advertising of Facebook pages are becoming really popular among businesses, small and big alike. Undeniably, Facebook leads the pack when it comes to social networking. And the thing about social networking is, it has the power to reach every user wherever in the world and whenever; turning them into potential customers.So, if you are engaged in business on Facebook, you can always have a high probability of success by engaging with the right people online. Moreover, it’s also good to know that advertising of Facebook page can be effectively implemented with a recipe or guidelines. Here are the lists of simple and practical tips on how to succeed in advertising on Facebook:1. Set-up a Fan page on Facebook for your company. You cannot advertise your product without your account on Facebook, so you have to create your fan page for your brand or company and make all those users as friends. The bigger the number of people who know about you and your brand, the higher is the chance to make them your clients.2. Make your Creative Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are the item that can be seen on the right side column in your Facebook pages. It’s up to you as to what image you are going to use but be sure it is catchy and relevant to your brand or product you are advertising. To increase chances of getting more counts of your audience, offer something clickable for them, for instance, a contest, gifts, tests, famous artists, etc.3. Know your target audience. What is best in advertising of Facebook page is you can filter for your own target market. But you have to make sure that your chosen criteria are relevant to your business. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience and ask what interests might fit to the campaign you made. Some information that is very useful to the users such as education, relationship, work place and birthdays can be a great idea. In more personal approach, you can attract your audience’s interests by sending wishes in their birthdays and offering a free gift or an announcement for your batch reunion that are clickable, so you increase another rate on your conversations.4. Keep your Ad simple and easy to understand. Don’t display your advertisements to your audience by using a language they don’t understand. If possible, use language that most of the users understand even a little if not well. Avoid using complex sentences. Make use of simple, grammatically correct and complete sentences in a readable way.5. Read and understand the Facebook Advertisement guidelines. Advertisers should bear in mind the do’s and don’ts in advertising of Facebook page. This is to avoid wasting your time, money, and effort due to the cancellation, rejection or removal of your ads if you ignore the rules and regulations on Facebook ads.At this point, once your ads run, Facebook will record and report how many people have seen and clicked your ads and at the same time, Facebook will provide you the total audiences’ information.By making your advertisements more personal and engaging, you bring yourself closer to your target audience and they are more like to respond positively. Try to win their confidence and their heart using your creativity and rapport. Implement a solid advertising of Facebook page scheme and not some hit-and-miss strategy.

Facebook Advertising Tip: Protecting Your Facebook Page From Identity Thief

While Social Media sites are such great ways to communicate with other people, there are still dangers that these site pose on our lives and businesses. Posers and identity thieves are common and rampant in these social media sites.This does not exclude Facebook from that situation. Actually, Facebook accounts are the new targets of hackers, posers and identity thieves. Business Fan Pages are also plagued with the same problem creating a lot of damage to the whole business. You have to keep vigilant and protect your own account from these people. It’s always important to edit the information that you share on your Facebook page. The following is a list of things you should do to protect your Page from identity thieves. Use more than just one contact email for your Facebook page. In that way you can still be able to access and reset your account even after they have hacked it. It is also advisable not to share your contact email on your page. These hackers crack your account through your email so to avoid this from happening, refrain from sharing it.Refrain from using the same passwords for different accounts like emails and Facebook accounts. Although this is easier to remember, it’s also easier to hack. Use a good combination of letters and numbers that do not pertain to your personal information included on your profile like your birthdate or your name. These easy to gather information will serve as hints to these hackers. Refrain from showing your birthday on your Facebook page. You can always change the privacy settings on Facebook to disable displaying it on your profile. As much as possible, you do not give these people access to personal information that they can use when they want to pose as you. They can use it to hack into your account and pretend to be you. Tweak your privacy settings that will make it impossible for other people to gain knowledge about you. You can customize these settings as to whom you want to show this information.Although you consider these people as friends, fans or valuable customers, there should be a limit to the amount of information that you share to these people since your business is at stake. Friends who suddenly ask money from you can be posers. Many hackers use this modus to extort money from people using other people’s name. Aware your fans or friends ahead of time that whenever this may happen, not to believe because it is a scam. Always tell them you will not in any way do this. It always pays to be careful around these social media sites. Any negligence or ignorance of what may happen can destroy the whole reputation of the business.